Jack Sim


Jack Sim is a leading social entrepreneur and sanitation advocate who broke the taboo around toilets by bringing the sanitation crisis to the global media spotlight. Known for his unique efforts in combining humour and serious facts to advocate for improved sanitation conditions globally, Sim has mobilized a global movement involving governments, policy makers, UN agencies, international civil society, thought leaders and activists to work together in addressing the sanitation crisis.

A highly successful businessman with over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, Sim, at the age of 40, decided to devote the rest of his life to social work. In 1998, he established the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS). This was soon followed with a global body on sanitation – the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001. Today, WTO is a growing network of 235 organizations in 58 countries. Sim pioneered the creation of a game- changing social enterprise – SaniShop in 2008, a year designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Sanitation.

In 2011, Sim created another milestone for WTO and Singapore by being the first Singapore-based non-profit organization to create and implement a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment. In 2013, Sim worked with the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to table a resolution titled ‘Sanitation for All’ at the United Nations General Assembly to designate 19 November as an official UN World Toilet Day. On July 24 2013, the resolution was adopted by consensus and was co- sponsored to more than 100 countries. Sim has received worldwide recognition for his contributions to the field of social entrepreneurship and sanitation.

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