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In late 2011, World Toilet Organization established its SaniShop  model in India to increase access of rural households to safe and affordable sanitation. On the ground, we work closely with our local implementing partners eKutir, a social business, based out of Odisha, and Sattva , a media and social business consulting firm based out of Bangalore.

Our pilot project was set up in Odisha where eKutir had established its strong rural base. By deploying eKutir’s micro-entrepreneurs to further SaniShop’s mission in providing safe and affordable sanitation to the rural population, this partnership allows the World Toilet Organization and eKutir to create more livelihoods, boost health and dignity among the farming households. eKutir has been able to establish 25 micro-entrepreneurs working for the sanitation cause in three different states of India.

With the establishment of SaniShop, farmers have access to low-cost and affordable toilets. As a result, households reduce their medical expenses as they do not fall sick as often and this increases their savings. With a proven track-record of impact in the pilot villages of Odisha, World Toilet Organization and eKutir are collaborating on broadening this impact to other states in India. Currently, the partnership between World Toilet Organization and eKutir aims to reach out to over 20, 000 households by 2014.

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