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From 2010 to 2012, the World Toilet Organization piloted its market-based approach in two provinces in Cambodia – Kg. Speu and Kg. Chnnang, reaching more than 100, 000 households.

In Cambodia, the SaniShop model is built around a local owner.

The SaniShop owner is trained by the World Toilet Organization to produce low-cost toilets using steel moulds and locally sourced materials (cement, piping, ceramics and tiles). They are also trained in basic business practices. Each SaniShop also has a small number of sales agents who are trained in marketing and sales. These agents hold village discussions and go door-to-door taking orders for toilets. Our field office in Cambodia provides all of the training over the course of two weeks, helps to negotiate bulk prices and provides on-going support for three to four months afterwards.

Download below our latest SaniShop Cambodia Overview Document.

SaniShop Cambodia Overview June 2014


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