Updates on the Rainbow School Toilet Programme

The Transformation of Zhonghe Middle School

Zhonghe Middle School, located in the Dongsong district of Luoning County in Henan Province, served as the second school to be installed with the Rainbow Toilets. Since its construction in late 2015, all 166 students and 16 faculty members have benefitted greatly from the modern facilities, transitioning from badly-lit and unhygienic dry-based facilities (Images 1 and 2) to flush toilets.


Images 1 and 2



Image 3: Old Entrance to toilets

Months after its installation, the toilets were found by the WTO team to be reasonably well-maintained – the school had taken the initiative to issue a list of toilet usage guidelines that not only prohibited students from disposing of rubbish into the urinals and toilet pans, but also reminded them to save water and take care of their surrounding facilities (Image 4).


image 4: Entrance of Rainbow Toilet


Based on the feedback gathered from the students and principal, the WTO team has made several important recommendations for future Rainbow Toilet projects. For instance, it is important for schools to propose a roster for students on cleaning duty to ensure that the toilets are well-maintained. The Principal of Zhangzhuang Primary School, another beneficiary of the Rainbow School Toilet Programme, suggested to number individual toilet cubicles to help students familiarize with their cleaning duties.

The WTO team will visit Zhonghe Middle School in the last quarter of 2016 for a follow-up visit to ensure that the toilets are functioning well a year on, as well as to disseminate free soap and toilet paper from our project partners, Soap Cycling and Kunshan Yuting Foundation respectively.

Image 5 and img 6



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