Toilet construction training for the women through World Toilet College India

The Global Interfaith Wash Alliance and World Toilet Organization conducted a 4 day training from 23-27th Jan through its World Toilet College project. 25 participants from Laldhang gram panchayat in Haridwar District participated in it. Before the toilet construction training and as a part of a rapport building exercise they conducted a survey to understand the ground realities. The community mobilizer, Ram Charan Shah, also stayed with the community and during his stay he came across an incident where a person from the village was bitten by the snake while defecating in the open.

98% families in the Gram Panchayat don’t have toilets in their households; the villages are quite close to the jungle so people prefer to defecate in jungle due to easy access. A couple of incidents have been recorded in the past where people had an encounter with wild elephants and leopards which is a major concern of the locals.

The team of trainers were invited from the Lucknow-based organization called One Step, who trained women to construct the Twin Pit latrine systems.  The twin-pit is a low cost, improved pit latrine, which consists of two pits. Over time, the solids in the pit get converted to manure and can be manually removed with a shovel and reused on-site, much like compost, to improve soil fertility and fertilize crops.


To increase the uptake of the toilets, GIWA sensitized the communities through training on healthy homes, sanitation, activities with kids in schools and orientation communities on WASH.  Through active engagement, GIWA convinced women to take-up the responsibility to construct toilets on their own for their families and also construct toilets for others to earn extra income for their families.


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