The Urgent Run for UN World Toilet Day 2014

The Urgent Run is World Toilet Organization’s global mobilization event for UN World Toilet Day 2014. The Urgent Run aims to draw attention to the international community’s urgent calls of action to end the sanitation crisis – 2.5 billion people still live without adequate sanitation. The event is is endorsed by UN Water.

The Urgent Run is a fun event; most importantly, it’s accessible and inclusive. Our aim is to provide a platform for individuals of all ages, regardless of their race, creed, skin color and socio-economic background, to urge global decision-makers to stay true to their universal commitments on improving access to sanitation for one third of the world’s population.

The Urgent Run events have already been registered in Singapore, Manila, New York, Mumbai, Milan, Barletta and Monza, with others to be announced!

Our vision? Health, dignity and well-being for all through sustainable sanitation. Help us to make this a reality – run along and join The Urgent Run by registering for an event, or create your own event at



Read our Urgentrun 2014 report.




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