WTO has partnered with Emaan Foundation to launch SaniShop in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. SaniShop is a social enterprise that improves sanitation conditions globally by empowering local entrepreneurs. As a part of the partnership agreement, WTO team visited Sihanoukville province from 16th to 20th April 2017. The purpose of the three day visit was to initiate base line survey, conduct focus group discussions and build capacities of the Emaan Foundation staff through orientation cum training workshop on SaniShop.

Lack of water and sanitation are identified as the key challenges in Cambodia. Majority of the population is still denied the most basic rights to safe water, the dignity of using a toilet and the simple practice of washing hands with soap. WTO in partnership with Emaan foundation is planning to address these issues through its SaniShop social enterprise model.

During our visit to Sihanoukville an attempt was made to understand the needs and aspirations of the customers so that customized sanitation solutions can be offered through SaniShop’s social enterprise model. The model aims at offering affordable toilets options to communities in Sihanoukville and also the plan is to make communities aware of the basic hygiene practices and equip them with the skills that are required to live a healthy and happy life.


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