Rotarians and WTO make a difference in Cambodia

Inspired by the words of World Toilet Organization’s Founder, Jack Sim at their
Annual Global Conference the Rotarians of Marina City in Singapore, decided to create a positive and lasting change in a community close to them through sustainable sanitation.

The group chose to create an impact through a sanitation project in not one but three Cambodian communities: the villages of Kanhchang Kuy, Yeang and Prey Yeang, all located in Siem Reap province. The project was implemented by Sanishop Cambodia, World Toilet Organization’s sanitation social enterprise, that employs a business model to bring sustainable sanitation solutions to local communities – in partnership with World Toilet Organization, and the Rotarians.

Together this team worked tirelessly with the local communities to install 200 toilets, and played an integral part in training local communities and proud owners of the new toilets on the importance of good hygiene, proper toilet usage and maintenance. During the project the community was actively involved – and we worked hand-in-hand with the local authorities, village chiefs, and the community, fully involving them in the sustainable sanitation project. The community co-contributed by providing labour and time, digging the pits for the latrine installation.

Sanishop Cambodia also conducted crucial sanitation and hygiene awareness sessions with the communities. This training means that the toilets will be used in the right way and maintained for years to come. The households that receive the sanitation training later become hygiene ambassadors in their areas – a much coveted title and responsibility. They were equipped with training manuals and posters illustrating the correct use and maintenance of a toilet, all funded by Rotary. These will later be distributed for free to over 200 beneficiaries in the local communities.After months of continued hard work by the partners, on April 30th, 2015 all 200 toilets were successfully produced, delivered and installed in 200 households.

“We are really passionate about making a difference where we can in the area of sanitation as we realize that it is somewhat of a taboo subject and as an organization that is global we wanted our members to experience first hand how their support makes a difference. We wanted to be sure that the toilets that we built in the three communities were still there in decades time, so thats why World Toilet Organization was the perfect partner – because they too are passionate about providing sustainable sanitation solutions that involve the local residents and provide a business for them.”

– Derrick Wong, President, Rotary Club of Marina City.

Does your organisation want to get involved in a sustainable sanitation project like this one in Cambodia? Get in touch with us:


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