New partnership with Emaan Foundation in Cambodia

WTO is glad to announce a new partnership with Emaan Foundation, a Singapore charity which has a local office in Cambodia. Together we will embark on our new SaniShop project in Sihanoukville, south of Cambodia in 2017. Despite reductions in terms of poverty over the past few years, Cambodia is a country where over half of the population still do not have access to clean sanitation. Hence, WTO and Emaan Foundation have decided to step in with our social enterprise model, SaniShop, to provide more locals with access to high-quality toilets at an affordable price.


WTO & Emaan Foundation teamPrevious SaniShop local gatherings


WTO will provide sales training and hygiene education to the local Emaan Foundation staff and SaniShop Cambodia sales entrepreneurs who would sell these latrines.They do this by first raising community awareness on hygiene, in order to generate demand for the latrines. The latrines will then be built by trained local masons who are hired and paid by SaniShop Cambodia. In this way, locals would benefit from both employment and increased hygiene levels through the availability of toilets. We hope that the province of Sihanoukville will soon become ‘Open Defecation Free’ and that hygiene related illnesses would become a thing of the past!


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