Mr Toilet Goes to Cannes Lions 2013

The 60th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity kicks off on Sunday, 16 June with Cinelan’s opening seminar, GE FOCUS FORWARD: The Creativity of Re-Inventing the Everyday. The seminar will be delivered by Jack Sim, founder of BoP Hub and the World Toilet Organization, and Jessica Yu, Oscar-winning filmmaker and director of “Meet Mr. Toilet”, a compelling short film produced for the GE FOCUS FORWARD series.

“We’re thrilled to host an onstage conversation with Jack Sim and filmmaker Jessica Yu at the Cannes Lions. Meet Mr. Toilet has been seen and shared by millions, profiling Sim as he travels to raise awareness about the worldwide sanitation crisis, and remains a much-loved entry in our GE FOCUS FORWARD film series. Both speakers epitomize what it means to ‘creatively reinvent the everyday,’ whether through artful storytelling or passionate advocacy for the billions living without access to clean water,” said Damon Smith, founding partner at Cinelan.

In this session, moderated by Bob Garfield, Sim and Yu will discuss their creative collaboration on “Meet Mr. Toilet” and the significance of re-inventing consumer objects as humble as a latrine to address the global sanitation crisis. The conversation will cover Sim’s inspiring efforts in breaking the toilet taboo and his commitment to forging partnerships between social enterprises and the private sector to create a vibrant global marketplace for more than 4 billion customers at the base of the pyramid.

“I was drawn to the sanitation issue because it affects billions of people, yet there has been such resistance to address it. Jack Sim has been changing this, and the Cannes Lions Festival is a great platform for his charismatic approach to the message. It will be an honour to share the stage with him,” said Yu.

Sim founded the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001 with the mission to improve sanitation conditions globally through powerful advocacy, inventive technology and building local marketplace opportunities. In 2011, Sim founded the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) Hub – a Clinton Global Initiative commitment made by WTO to establish a global platform to forge strategic partnerships between the private sector, social enterprises, subject matter experts and the BOP community, to give individuals at the base of the pyramid a chance to participate in the global marketplace as consumers and entrepreneurs.


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