Past Coverage

Highlight – World Toilet Organization founder Jack Sim promotes new toilet culture in rural China
Gates wants to change the life of the toilet – Gu Yu
Many famous experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in Suichang to discuss "toilet"!
One person provokes a world health revolution, and social innovation can also be fun.
There are 2.4 billion people in the world who do not have toilets, or that there are no real toilets | Shen Ruihua seated the 593th speaker
"Mr. Toilet" Shen Ruihua: Alternative WTO puts toilet issues into the high-level meeting room
[People] "Mr. Toilet" Shen Ruihua: How to "fun" alternative WTO?
No more taboo or embarrassment-Mr. Toilet and his toilet revolution


An organization called the WTO want all the children in China to access a clean school toilet
World Toilet Summit 2017, Improving Sanitation through Partnership
Why does the Mr.Toilet from Singapore like to go around the world dealing with poop?”(
The Construction Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade signed a cooperation agreement with the World Toilet Organization
Toilet Revolution in China: Progress, Challenges, Prospects
Mr. Toilet made a documentary, Jack Sim wants to make the toilet sexy.
"Mr. Toilet" -- An interview with Jack Sim
Technology innovation in "Toilet Revolution" makes life better -- interview with Mr. Toilet Jack Sim
"Something(shit)" for everyone
A 'Toilet Revolution' in China,Interview by R. L. Kuhn


Mr. Toilet promote Hygiene and Sanitation
“Mr. Toilet Jack Sim: Hope everyone has access to sanitary toilets”
World Toilet Summit (2018) & World Toilet Day in Mumbai
Toilet Revolution in China: Progress, Challenges, Prospects
UNLEASH Talks with Jack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization
Social Conversations: "Mr Toilet" Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organization


“We should spend time on more meaningful things”
The 10th Rainbow School Toilet project for Xi-Cun Primary School has just been completed!
The second Rainbow School Toilet which the World Toilet Organization donated to our county has come into service
A Shit Agenda: Singaporean Jack Sim's Mission In India


"Mr. World Toilet" Shen Ruihua: One person stirs a world health revolution
The toilet revolution is a path to economic development, said Jack Sim, founder of World Toilet Organization
Malaysia Kuching will host the World Toilet Summit & Expo in Oct 2016
Poo~Pourri to donate 100 Percent of website sales to World Toilet Organization on World Toilet Day
Zhangzhuang Primary School, one of the Rainbow School Toilet project school of World Toilet Organization
Mr.Toilet, Jack Sim from Singapore who initiated the World Health Revolution
World Toilet