Launch of the new WTO logo

WTO is pleased to announce that we are revamping our logo to make it more streamlined and easier to understand and use. The new brand mark will still consist of two elements, the unique heart-shaped toilet seat symbol and the world toilet wordmark. The colours also remain the same; the fresh sanitation blue representing trust, efficiency, reliability and care, while the playful purple representing innovation, creativity, friendliness and humor. These colours give the soul of the organization and its responsibility to provide clean sanitary to give people healthier life. These elements have been specially designed for WTO to reflect the values of the organisation so will not change and lends continuity from the previous logo.

For ease of use we have reduced the length of the logo by stacking the wordmark on top of each other and the companion mark has been dropped. The stacking arrangement now directly references the gravity of the sanitation situation, both figuratively and literally. The long drop (slang for pit toilet) is a logical and understandable design reference, and provides a rationale for a more compact and economical layout. Capitalising the initials as a proper name now also aids with alluding WTO as an acronym for added brand recall and appeal. The stacked vertical arrangement helps this cause, presenting the initials letters on top of each in a vertical stack.

We would really like to sincerely thank the good folks at BBH Asia Pacific who have been instrumental in aiding our go-to-market efforts, and in furthering an ongoing relationship over the past few years with Creative Director Dave Holland, now leading BLACK SHEEP Design Studio within BBH. All their work for us has been done pro bono and we are amazed by their dedication and patience in helping develop and strengthen our WTO brand. With the help of BBH and BLACK SHEEP Design Studio we will be rolling out the new logo in all our communications material as well as revamping our other sub-brands which include World Toilet Summit, World Toilet Day, World Toilet College, Urgent Run and SaniShop. So watch this space!


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