Talks & Interviews

Below are some videos with Jack Sim, founder of WTO.


Meet Mr. Toilet

Just like owning a luxury bag, Jack wants toilets to become a status symbol for the poor so that they feel proud to own a toilet.


Inconvenient Questions HitList #4 with Jack Sim

Jack offers his perspectives on thoughtful questions posed by IQ. Instead of defining himself as a ‘trouble maker’, he identifies himself as an innovator instead. He encourages Singapore’s education to develop a culture of thinking out of the box, as a solution to problems instead of only complaining. He also discusses the use of media as a global advocacy tool for this sanitation cause, as long as one understand the way it works. This happens when you include humour and storytelling while communicating, instead of just teaching boring health education.


Jack Sim Interview for President’s Volunteerism Award 2016

Gandhi said, “I want clean India first. And independence later on.”

Flush Revolution

Gandhi said, “I want clean India first. And independence later on.” He had the opinion that everybody should be cleaning their own toilets. This video shows the struggles that women in India face while defecating in the open, in a place where rape is a national issue. Dr Pathak, a Brahmin and a social reformer, decided to tackle this sanitation and social issue, with affordable toilets.


Why We Need To Talk About Shit | Jack Sim | TEDxSalford

Jack shares about his solution to resolving the sanitation crisis and ending global poverty at the Base of Pyramid.

TEDxSalford BBC Breakfast Footage 5 October 2014

How did World Toilet Organization came about? How does WTO get people to change their cultural habits and to practice good hygiene?


CNA Interview with Jack Sim

“If the toilet respects the user, the user will respect the toilet.”

Jack Sim discusses his plans for World Toilet Day and how everyone can play a part in improving the state of toilets in Singapore.


GSBS 2013

How we capture the media’s attention: through a mixture of humour and serious facts. No need for heavy language, we just have to communicate effectively and call it what it is.


Asia Market Watch

They say it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Find out more about the toilet training course to become a restroom specialist.


Jack Sim at TEDx Taipei 2012

WTO on breaking the taboo on sanitation with UN World Toilet Day.


Jack Sim of the WTO talks about World Toilet Day 2009

Jack tackles these questions on Bloomberg News: “Why is the sanitation crisis STILL a big problem? Who has failed what and why is it taking so long to do the basics in life?


The World Toilet Expo as many face sanitation crisis

Jack shares briefly on how bad sanitation and toilets would affect the health and livelihoods of people. You can take a peek into the World Toilet Expo and its exhibits as well.

World Toilet