College students host show-stopping fundraising event

On a warm but windy Friday back in March, a group of enthusiastic and very creative students from ITE College Central held a show-stopping fundraising event for World Toilet Organization (WTO). They raised eyebrows as well as some interesting debates on sanitation, and raised funds for the charity.

Led by Moses Tay, a life-skills lecturer from ITE College Central, the group reached out to WTO earlier this year, motivated by hearing about the charity’s mission earlier this year. They came up with an idea to host fun, interactive sanitation-related activities at their International Student Seminar. They hoped to both raise funds and awareness for WTO and the global sanitation crisis.

On the day, the students played fun carnival games surrounded by a giant inflatable toilet, which attracted lots of curious passers by! Students sold homemade cookies and WTO merchandise and raised over $600. Along with the fun activities, the event also provided an important platform for students from different backgrounds to discuss global social issues related to development and in turn learn more about the global sanitation crisis. It was really encouraging to see so many students and teachers coming together to voice their opinions on sanitation issues.

Jason Tan was one of the students who helped to organise the event. He tells us why he got involved and what sanitation means to him.

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“When I was at Padang, Indonesia, for my Community Involvement Project last year, I realized that villagers conduct their ‘businesses’ outdoors. This can be risky for women especially, when they have to leave their homes at night for toilet use and the spread of diseases was common using the practices that existed there.

So, I decided to do something about this when brainstorming with my group mates on project ideas for the International Student Seminar. We feel that it is meaningful to raise awareness on the importance of proper toilet sanitation. And we are grateful to the World Toilet Organisation, which has helped give us much guidance.

Singaporeans may not know that a lack of toilet sanitation is still an urgent problem in many parts of the world.”

All in all, the event was a great success. We want to give a huge shout out to ITE College Central for featuring us at their International Student Seminar, and to all of the students that participated in the fundraising and awareness event! Thank you!

Want to hold a fundraising event for World Toilet Organization at your school, college or university and raise much-needed funds for our sanitation, awareness and education projects around the globe? Contact for ideas on how to hold a fundraising event.


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