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Jack Sim (simplified Chinese: 沈锐华; traditional Chinese: 沈銳華; pinyin: Shěn Ruìhuá, born 1957) is the founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore, the World Toilet Organization, the World Toilet Day initiative and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub. Formerly from the...

50 years of sanitation in Singapore

As Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee year, the country’s metamorphosis from a developing country with poor sanitation to one of the world’s cleanest countries is a model we can all adopt for better environmental quality and public health. We look back at Singapore’s sanitation journey and how this progress has resulted in a better quality of life and productivity.

Ten Things You Can Do for UN World Toilet Day

Every year on 19 November, World Toilet Day is a chance to get involved in the global movement for toilets and sanitation for all, and raise awareness of the need for action to end the sanitation crisis. What can you do to help make ‘sanitation for all’ a reality this World Toilet Day?

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