An American Company’s Impact in Chinese Schools

Since 2015, a Singaporean donor and World Toilet Organization have been working together to improve sanitation conditions in rural schools of China. Over 6 schools have been impacted through the Rainbow School Toilet Program in Luoyang County, Henan Province, through high-quality infrastructure of toilets and hygiene education. This program has been a huge success as it has roped in key partners such as the local Education Bureau of Luoyang, Wuhan University for conducting hygiene classes, Soap Cycling for their recycled soap and toilet paper donation from Kunshan Yuting Foundation.

In 2016, an American company that develops deodorizing toilet sprays supported World Toilet Organization’s advocacy initiatives through The Urgent Run, UN World Toilet Day and World Toilet Summit. The company better known for it’s product ‘’Poo~Pourri’’ is known for cheeky marketing to break the taboos associated with toilets. They developed immense interest in sanitation and WASH developments for children in schools. Suzy Batiz, founder of the company has continuously advocated for improvement of health and hygiene, especially for women and children. This project came particularly close to the company’s heart where they instantly knew they had to do something. With thousands of followers and exceptional marketing, Poo~Pourri’s team fundraised for the Rainbow School Toilet Program online around UN World Toilet Day 2016. $50,000 USD was successfully raised in the mission to provide access to clean and safe toilets to rural schools of Henan Province in China.

With Poo~Pourri’s support, we are able to change the lives of over 1000 students from kindergarten and primary school. Construction of toilet cubicles is planned to commence by 1st July, followed by hygiene education disseminated through student leaders and teachers. This also means that within two years of project initiation we were able to expand to another county, Ruyang of Henan Province. World Toilet Organization remains to be in awe of the support from companies such as Poo~Pourri who have expanded their corporate social responsibility footprint to various organizations worldwide. More Info Here

Hygiene in rural schools of China remains to be a challenge, where students urinate and defecate in open pits. Lack of cubicle doors not only affects privacy, but also impacts the dignity of teachers and students. Non-existant waste management systems can result in diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and hookworms transmitted from contaminated soil into bodies. These diseases affect loss of school days, healthcare costs and overall well-being of children and their families. Yet, toilets remain to be low in priority within communities and the Government of China. A toilet revolution is sparking in China, with a focus to attract more tourism and awareness on hygiene. The UN Sustainable Development Goals recognizes the global sanitation crisis and encourages corporates to do their part. World Toilet Organization is ready further engage with corporate partners to support hygiene in rural schools of China. Let’s give a crap and help save lives.

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