Dr Yap Swee Cheng

Dr. Swee Cheng Yap served in a Government Statutory Board as a Researcher, Project Leader, Safety Head, and Mentor for two decades since 1991. She has been an active volunteer with the seniors from young. She further pursued a Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling and an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment to be a qualified bilingual trainer and counsellor for the seniors.

She completed a Ph.D. (Sept 1987 – Oct 1991) from the Loughborough University of Technology, UK (Sept 1987 – Oct 1991).

She has completed a bilingual book “The Stories of our Pioneers – An Extraordinary Ordinary Story” in 2015 to celebrate the everyday pioneers in Singapore. It has been selected as one of the “15 things about SG50 we will remember” by Straits Times in December 2015.

In the past, she has volunteered and worked in various capacities in the non-profit sector and has contributed actively through strategic planning and training. She is now working as a freelance service provider on projects related to seniors, mentor the needy individuals in the areas of aging-in-place, aging successfully with proper planning through the holistic services and solutions provided for them.


Nielsen Hermanto

“Growing up in Indonesia, my family had the privilege of having a well-functioning toilet in our home, but I was aware that not everyone has that privilege. I still remember seeing my neighbors using the gutters in the street as a toilet. Access to toilets and basic sanitation is essential to personal and public health, as well as personal dignity. This should be a basic human right, and yet it is still a major problem in many developing countries.

WTO was formed to change that. WTO works with public / private organizations, as well as government bodies on projects to improve toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.”

Nielsen Hermanto is a Product Manager at a software company in Canada and has experience in a broad range of business functions across Asian and North American industries. More importantly, she deeply appreciates the mission that WTO champions because of her personal background. Nielsen grew up in an area of Indonesia where she witnessed the unfortunate state of sanitation and the negative effects it can have on society. Nielsen has always been passionate about toilets, and she is excited to be bringing her expertise and passion to her work with the WTO.

World Toilet